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BlogHarbor Service is Closing on Mar. 31, 2012

July 4, 2011

It is said that "All Good Things Must End," and unfortunately our BlogHarbor service is no exception... We're sad to announce that BlogHarbor will be closing on October 3, 2011 March 31, 2012 after more than 8 years of operation.

Tucows, our vendor for the Blogware platform upon which our service is based, recently announced that they would be shutting down the service and that after October 3, 2011 "all content stored on Blogware, including posts, photos, templates and other assets will be deleted and unrecoverable."

Now for the good news... Four years ago today on July 4, 2007 we launched PressHarbor, our managed WordPress hosting service. Many of our BlogHarbor users had been looking to move to a more flexible self-hosted WordPress system so we created a service which provided the ease and simplicity of BlogHarbor but added the additional power and flexibility of WordPress - without the hassle of installing and configuring and maintaining software. We have migrated many BlogHarbor customers to our PressHarbor service over the last few years and have the expertise and experience to make your transition to WordPress as smooth as possible.

So while BlogHarbor is closing, we are ready to help you continue your site on our WordPress-based PressHarbor service and to migrate your site at no charge. If you would like to move your site to WordPress on our PressHarbor service, please read on.

If you are not interested in moving to PressHarbor, you can simply do nothing and continue to use your blog until it is deleted on October 3 or you can choose to move your site yourself to another hosting provider; please see this forum thread where we will try to provide useful information about exporting content from Blogware to other systems. Please note that we unable to provide you with the ability to use your * address with other hosting providers, nor will we be able to provide individual technical assistance with migrations to other hosting providers due to the inherent limitations in the Blogware export tools as well as the fact that all hosting services are unique environments over which we have no control.

Moving to PressHarbor

If you would like to transfer your blog to PressHarbor, this page outlines the steps to begin the migration process and details the what kind of content can be migrated and what can't. We also have had a long thread at our BlogHarbor support forums where you can read about experiences other users have had in moving their sites to PressHarbor.

If you have a Blogware site from another service provider, we're offering the Blogware Migration Service to help you easily migrate to our PressHarbor platform.

Thank You!

Some of you have been hosting your site with us since the beginning, and we can't thank you enough for your support. BlogHarbor has been a pioneer in the world of "social media" before it was even called social media, and thanks to you we're still excited every day to help you bring your website to life. While this may be the end of the BlogHarbor service, we're continuing to provide a powerful and fully supported blogging solution at and hope you will join us there to create a new beginning for your website...

John Keegan
BlogHarbor Founder

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